Business Diversification and Sales Improvement

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Strengthen its competitiveness within the industrial market. We help SMEs, VSEs and ETIs to improve their sector of activity and offer new opportunities to optimize external growth.

Need to Dev is a team of salespeople available quickly, on demand, with the objective of developing business, creating external growth through new prospects or new markets.


Whether horizontal (new products or new markets), vertical (distribution or supplier), concentric (addition of skills), geographic (new territories) or conglomerate (other core business), diversification presents a competitive advantage, it allows to reduce its dependence on a market.

But which diversification to choose?

Horizontal diversification
Proposal of new products or new markets with the same means of production and identical technology.
Example: a company offering new phone models on a regular basis.

Vertical diversification
Positioning upstream or downstream of the main activity. Either it is needed to ensure supply (Upstream) or distribution (Downstream).
Example: a car manufacturer who wishes to integrate parts of a car into its manufacture or sell within its dealerships instead of calling on a supplier or a reseller.

Concentric diversification
Progressive diversification where new products are offered to the same customers.
Example: the diversification of products offered in service stations (sandwiches, drinks, souvenirs)

Conglomerate or unrelated diversification
Investment in activities unrelated to the core business. Consequence of targeting very separate markets in which the company has little or no experience.
Example: A company that offers industrial products, real estate services, financial services, etc.

How to apply it, with what means?


Innovation is the best asset for every types of diversification. Innovative solutions are the core of the company’s development. They require constant evaluation and evolution, to remain in the « mainstream » of the product provided and desired by customers.


To know the first feedbacks and to assess the best markets, it is important to lead tests in real conditions. We go ahead and come back with the reactions of your future customers.

Supplier diversification

No innovation can happen without suppliers who offer new improvements and can help you overcome technical barriers. Need to Dev helps you to find new partners with new technologies that are difficult to detect from where you are.


In the case of horizontal diversification, export and new markets are the most effective.

Diversification cases

Need to Dev participated in missions that have been successfully carried out in the industrial world.

Moving from Flying Drones to Autonomous Boats, from Business Jets to Yachts, from Health to Aerospace, from Commercial Aircraft to Trains, from Aero-structures to Energy, Need to Dev is here to advise you on choosing and executing the best diversification strategy that will allow you to quickly obtain external growth.

Our customers

Study cases

Does the market targeted is enough known? Difficult to understand ? Knowing the market is essential to validate decisions and reduce risks.

Need to Dev offers different studies according to your needs:

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General cases What is the current situation, results, forecasts, history and market players? This will allow you to know the positioning of your offer

Icône de recherche, loupe

Monitoring Market is changing, new entrants, marge/acquisitions, technological breakthroughs, business intelligence. Be aware of everything and at all times

Icône de pion d'échec (cheval)

Prospection strategy Prepare entry, select priorities. A plan of attack is essential for successful diversification.

Sales force improvement

You do not have sufficient resources, you do not want to manage a sales force or you want to improve its performance?
Our team is ready to be available as soon as possible, to do what you do not want or cannot do.
We give you the best assets to negotiate your contracts and add the clauses that will protect your business.
Selling requires organization. We implement a strong business development process to optimize the efficiency and performance of your sales. We implement a prospecting strategy as well as a pricing policy in order to bring you maximum volume relating to your business.


Contracts are protection. Sometimes seen long, boring or “not applicable” they are nevertheless the cornerstone to a stable and prolific partnership.

Need to Dev proposes various training courses to meet legal requirements such as updates to the T&Cs, negotiation with key accounts, need for renegotiation.

We propose the best assets to negotiate your contracts and add the clauses that will protect your business.

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